Free International SMS Text Messaging *excluding USA Message Delivery, however users residing in the USA can use the site to send messages to Africa*

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Mobile African allows you to send text messages to any mobile phone network for free*. SMS text messaging is both fun and fast growing, so keep in touch with your friends and family quickly and easily.

How does this work?

A)Register,Click on FREE SMS,Send your loved one a message

B)This website requires some users to complete a short offer in order to access the FREE SMS page. Completing an offer is simple:

Click the link of an offer that interests you and follow the instructions.There will be 1-4 offers listed in total to choose from.Fill out the offer using your real information and continue until you reach the last page. After you have submitted the offer for validation wait 30 seconds and the FREE SMS page will be shown again for you to send your SMS.
If the content is still locked after 30 seconds, please try a different offer from the list & if you need help call us or click on the “Support” section.

*Do Not Include +/0 in order for your message to transmit sucessfully*

Please Ensure You Have Read the Terms and Conditions before using the service. If you have any problems, or if you have received abusive messages from this site go to the support area & contact us.

This service is bought to you in accordance with our stated Terms and Conditions.

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